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RussianTown magazine is a free publication which connects directly with the Russian-speaking population of Atlanta, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and the whole southeastern United States.

Russian Town magazine can boast of a 100% distribution for every edition. Russian-speakers like to pass a magazine on to others, so with a print run of 7,500 copies, and with an average Russian family consisting of up to four members, our magazine is read by at least 26,000 people.

Due to the high quality production of RussianTown, each copy of our magazine lives a long life. RussianTown continues to deliver your advertising message because it doesn't fall apart in your hands.

Russian Town also has an Internet version on popular web-portal for Russian-speaking comminuty

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Every businessman knows that the choice of a mass medium for advertising a product is proven correct only after the ad has appeared several times.
Of course, print media can't compete with audio and video advertisements, due to the latter's frequency and volume. It's not because people are not interested in newspapers and magazines any more, it's because of the difference in coverage of the targeted audience.
However, this truism doesn't apply to our publication. RussianTown magazine connects directly with all the Russian-speaking population in Atlanta, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and all other states.
So if you are an entrepreneur and this is the population you are targeting, you can't find a better “deliverer” than RussianTown.
Our magazine is a monthly publication in the Russian language. It covers eight states in the Southeast: Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia and Kentucky.
RussianTown magazine is a free publication, the quality of which is as superior as that of the most expensive publications. We maintain that our high quality and availability are the main reasons for our popularity.
Our readers don't have to pay for the information they receive, and this has a positive effect on the psychology of a future consumer of your product or service.
RussianTown magazine can boast of a 100% distribution for every edition. All copies are taken up quickly by readers since they are displayed in businesses experiencing a high volume of Russian-speaking visitors such as Russian stores, restaurants, medical centers, beauty parlors, travel agencies, law firms, and real estate offices. And because the high-volume traffic to these businesses doesn't depend on a season of the year, distribution is consistent month after month.
The owners of the above-mentioned businesses represent a big army of Russian-speaking businessmen and entrepreneurs. As they realize that the magazine is in great demand among their customers, they immediately appreciate the advantage of cooperating with us.
As for English-speaking advertisers, they can rest assured that their ads will be professionally translated, because our magazine has a team of highly qualified interpreters on staff.
Our interpreters speak both English and Russian fluently. In addition, they are familiar with the mentality of the Russian-speaking population of the USA, which is absolutely necessary for adapting the texts. Our designers always consider the visual impact of an advertisement and they know how to gain the reader's attention and trust with its help.

The Advantages for Advertisers
So, why is RussianTown magazine attractive for an advertiser?
Because it has a lot of advantages that make it extremely popular among readers. The most important of these advantages are a beautiful design and interesting contents with valuable information. And, after all, it's free of charge!
Our advertisers have no doubts that their message will always be effectively delivered by RussianTown.
Our readers themselves often help us to distribute the magazine, which makes our audience even larger. There is a tradition in the Russian-speaking community to pass a magazine on to friends, co-workers, relatives, and neighbors after finishing it. As a result, each copy of the magazine is read not only by the person who got it first, but also by somebody who borrowed it later.
Another point to remember is that due to the high quality production of RussianTown, each copy of our magazine lives a long life. RussianTown will continue to deliver your advertising message to more and more potential customers among Russian-speaking Americans because it doesn't fall apart in your hands like some publications whose pages are not fastened together well.
RussianTown magazine is in all respects a good partner for your business.
All our advertisers are successful businessmen, and they have estimated correctly the correlation between what they spend on their ad and what they get out of it.
- The quality of RussianTown magazine attracts readers.
- The contents of RussianTown magazine keep their attention.
- The edition of RussianTown magazine covers the whole southeastern United States.
- As a result of all this, your cooperation with us turns your advertising expenses into your profit.
This has been checked, confirmed, and appreciated by many people.
We ask you to review the system of our Bonuses and Discounts (below) before you become our client.
We are confident that it won't take you much time to make the right decision!

Expanding Our Distribution
RussianTown is constantly in great demand in places of its original distribution In fact, the concept of a free magazine has created such a large and loyal readership for RussianTown that we have added two additional means of distribution: subscriptions and the Internet.
Subscription as a means of distribution has always been popular with readers. A subscription to RussianTown is a guarantee that no issue will be missed, because subscribers have the magazine delivered directly to their home or work address.
But, because many of us lack the time to leisurely thumb through a magazine, we know that sometimes even a subscribed publication can sit unopened.
For this reason, RussianTown is now available on the Internet at This electronic version of the magazine is an exact copy of its paper original.
For anybody, the Internet version of RussianTown is a perfect solution. They can receive an issue of the magazine right in their office, without even getting up from their seat. This is a great advantage.
This additional means of electronic distribution has immediately increased our readership many times. It's almost impossible for our magazine to remain unnoticed.

Dear Advertisers!
As you can see, the number of our readers is increasing for two reasons.
Firstly, we are trying to make our publication interesting for everybody. Considering our diverse section headings, you can be positive that we satisfy the needs and interests of thousands of people, letting our readership grow very fast.
Secondly, we are trying to make our distribution really massive. Therefore, since our magazine is always available for our readers and it gets delivered to them on a regular basis, your advertisement will always reach a potential customer.

As we've noted, RussianTown magazine is also presented electronically at
And because the electronic version of the magazine is an exact copy of its paper original, all our advertisers receive a special bonus: Any advertisement placed in RussianTown exists in two dimensions – in the actual magazine, and on the popular site
There is another special bonus that we offer our advertisers—a live radio-interview with each advertiser on our Internet radio at
This way, our readers (and listeners!) can become your potential customers by receiving first-hand information about your company. After placing the direct Internet address of your interview in your ad, you are very likely to get even more attention from your potential clients. You can always refer them to Your radio-interview will be available 24/7 for the web-site visitors. With six month contract we'll also produce a radio-commercial and we'll broadcast it six times per day.

In addition to all this, if you sign a one-year contract with us for a full-page or half-a-page, you are entitled to the publication of one full-size “advertorial” article about your company in our magazine.
The fact that the preparation of your advertising message is free can also be considered a bonus.
Dear businessmen!
To advertise always sounds good. Now you have a chance to make sure that it doesn't only sound good, but that it works well, too.

Is spite of its popularity and a good response from public, RussianTown magazine is still a business-oriented structure. We are interested in correctly positioning our publication as a product in the Russian market of the southeastern United States. That's why we are always open for cooperation.
There is a flexible system of discounts in the magazine.
First of all, discounts apply to advertisers who believe in us and sign a long-term contract with us. In this case the cost of one ad will depend on the frequency of its rotation—the more intensive the rotation is, the less every ad costs.
RussianTown also has a mutually beneficial offer for non-profit organizations.
Under certain conditions, they can receive discounts in the amount of 15-30% of our regular prices.
RussianTown is also eager to cooperate with advertising agencies and independent ad makers who work in the field of advertisement and distribution. We offer you a 20% commission.
A call to our publishing house at 770-447-0208 will give you more detailed information.

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